Canadian Diamonds

As proud Canadians, Jubilee Fine Jewellers delights in showcasing the best of Canada’s diamonds in our collections. Jubilee is a member of the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct (CDCC), your assurance of genuine Canadian quality.

Canadian Diamond Production

Canadian DiamondsDiamonds were first discovered in northern Canada in the early 1990’s, and today Canada is recognized as a pillar of the industry. Production showed spectacular growth, and by 2003 Canada had become the world’s third largest producer of diamonds (after Botswana and Russia), producing almost 15% of the world’s supply. The first mines, Ektaki and Diavik, are now joined by a host of others, with exploration continuing all the time.

The Northwest Territories are the key source of Canadian diamonds, with master craftspersons from around the world being drawn to the region. As growth continues, careers in diamond mining and cutting are becoming popular with the local Inuit people. Diamonds have become a wonderful boost to local economies, bringing increased income and fresh prosperity.

Canadian diamonds are known for their exceptional quality. To protect this reputation, the CanadaMark trademark was created, with each diamond carefully tracked from the mining to the polishing stage. Like all Jubilee diamonds, our Canadian diamonds are guaranteed conflict-free in writing.

As the industry continues to grow, Jubilee Fine Jewellers is proud to be a part of the bright future of Canada’s newest economic boom.

Maple Leaf Diamonds

The premiere Canadian diamond brand, Maple Leaf diamonds are all individually tracked from the moment they emerge from the earth through the cutting and polishing processes. The mines for these diamonds are governed by the some of the strictest environmental regulations in the world, ensuring that their production is as clean and pure as their sparkling appearance. While the Canadian diamond industry is only a few decades old, rigorous standards have ensured a reputation for stones of the highest quality.

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Polar Ice Diamonds

Polar Ice Diamonds

Certified authentic by the Government of the Northwest Territories, all Polar Ice diamonds are premiere quality gems that are conflict-free and mined in using environmentally sound techniques. Each diamond is tracked by its unique number, so that the owner will know exactly where it was mined, and the name of the diamond cutter and polisher.