Diamonds flash and sparkle, shimmering with light and adding to the beauty of the wearer. Because the creation of a diamond takes a billion years or more, its beauty is even more precious. That something so lovely, so light-giving, can be created from the darkest depths of the earth is part of what makes us treasure them.

Understanding Diamonds

Not every buyer understands how diamonds are judged by experts, but Jubilee is committed to the education of its clientele. As the premiere Ottawa diamond store , Jubilee feels it is a pleasure and a duty to share its understanding of diamond jewellery with everyone.

There are four main characteristics that influence the value of a diamond:

A diamond’s shape refers to the outline of the stone, and is different from the cut.

All Jubilee Diamonds are Guaranteed Conflict Free

Every Jubilee diamond is conflict free. This is a guarantee we will proudly give to you in writing. Every diamond receipt we issue carries the following statement:

“The diamonds herein invoiced have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict in compliance with United Nations Resolutions.  Jubilee hereby guarantees that these diamonds are conflict free, based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by the supplier of these diamonds.”

Jubilee invites you to learn more about our diamond regulation compliance:

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Diamond Brands

Jubilee only carries diamonds that have been cut to ensure maximum fire, brilliance and scintillation. You can rest assured that when you buy from Jubilee, you will be getting the best diamond for your budget. We ensure quality by hand selecting diamonds that meet our strict standards.

We are proud to represent some of the most beautiful and dazzling diamonds in the world.

Diamonds In Our Ottawa Jewellery Stores

Lazare Diamonds
Maple Leaf Diamonds

Lazare Diamonds

Lazare Diamonds is one of the most internationally renowned diamond-cutting houses, and is named for diamond cutting pioneer and founder Lazare Kaplan. All Lazare diamonds are Ideal cut to maximize brilliance, and stones of .18 carat weight and larger are laser inscribed to ensure authenticity.

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Maple Leaf Diamonds

The premiere Canadian diamond brand, Maple Leaf diamonds are all individually tracked from the moment they emerge from the earth through the cutting and polishing processes. The mines for these diamonds are governed by the some of the strictest environmental regulations in the world, ensuring that their production is as clean and pure as their sparkling appearance. While the Canadian diamond industry is only a few decades old, rigorous standards have ensured a reputation for stones of the highest quality.

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Polar Ice Diamonds

Polar Ice Diamonds

Certified authentic by the Government of the Northwest Territories, all Polar Ice diamonds are premiere quality gems that are conflict-free and mined in using environmentally sound techniques. Each diamond is tracked by its unique number, so that the owner will know exactly where it was mined, and the name of the diamond cutter and polisher.

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Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings, and Eternity Bands In Our Ottawa Jewellery Stores

Claude Thibaudeau

Claude Thibaudeau – Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

This Montreal Designer is one of the most creative bridal designers in the world. Claude Thibaudeau takes his family’s craftsmanship traditions in new directions, it is no surprise that he has won multiple awards for design innovation. Characterized by sweeping organic lines and an architectural structurality, his designs are for those who are not afraid to shine. If you love originality, this collection is sure to take your breath away.

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Crown Ring - Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings, Band and Eternity Bands

Crown Ring wedding ring designs are perfect for couples who want contemporary elegance in matched engagement rings and wedding bands – their sets work together perfectly. No matter the level of detail in the ring, these designs could never look anything but clean – perfect for those who appreciate design with minimalism at its heart. The engagement rings are a perfect complement to the wedding rings – simple structures beautified by an effervescence of of diamonds.

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Scott Kay

Scott Kay - Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings, and Eternity Bands

Scott Kay reaches deep into the past for inspiration, but never loses touch what the modern bride wants from her engagement rings. His vintage-inspired collection features graceful bouquets of shimmering light, and his Contemporary collection is designed to dazzle with a sleeker structure. There are many stones to choose from for those who like square shapes as well as round.

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Verragio – Engagement Rings

Displaying an intricacy that is simply astounding for handcrafted pieces, designer Barry Verragio is renowned for perfect constellations of gems, delicate filigree work – or both! Balancing acts like combining the austere perfection of platinum with the playful trendiness of showers of tiny diamonds are emblematic of Verragio. Verragio collections are ideal for women who appreciate craftsmanship and complex detail.

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