Designer Jewellery

Nothing adds to your image like a signature piece of designer jewellery. Jubilee has been helping Ottawa find that perfect piece to complete a look for decades: we specialize in finding the right piece for you. We understand that your style is an expression of your identity, and the importance of the place of jewellery in that style.

Trends come and go, but true style is timeless. Jewellery is something you buy to compliment the look of a particular season, or to show the world who you really are. To reflect that diversity, we provide a wide variety of options for every taste: from occasion pieces for evening dazzle to daywear pieces that add a note of elegance and sophistication to your look.

Designer Jewellery Brands We Offer At Our Ottawa Jewellery Stores


Chimento – Men’s Jewellery and Women’s Jewellery

Creativity is everything for Chimento. They carry a variety of lines, each taking a different approach to pendants and chains that are distinctive and unique, while remaining versatile. Chimento is not afraid to use nontraditional combinations, like rose gold and milky quartz spheres. They understand that everyone is different, so they find many lines with which to express themselves. All the women’s lines, are consistent in their delicacy and femininity, while the Men’s collections have an appealing engineering influence.

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Chopard – Women’s Jewellery, Men’s Jewellery and Children’s Jewellery

Chopard exhibits an enormous variety in fine jewellery. In these collections there is something for everyone: a delicate pendant for a little girl, a fine watch for an executive, a necklace fit for a princess. Throughout this range there are unifying elements: many mathematical and nature-inspired forms that are truly unique. Some pieces are reminiscent of Escher, others of rainwater trickling down a window. Chopard boasts an extremely diverse and surprising set of collections.

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Gucci Jewellery New


Gucci – Women’s Jewellery and Men’s Jewellery

Founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci, the brand was extended in the 1970’s with the introduction of Swiss Made timepieces and was developed in 1997 with Italian-made silver jewelry, followed by a Fine Jewelry collection in 1999. The jewelry portfolio has grown over time and today includes dazzling, made-to-order High Jewelry parures that represent the pinnacle of innovative creativity and impeccable craftsmanship. All Gucci Jewelry designs offer a uniquely Italian and contemporary take on elegant style and glamour, incorporating the brand’s signature motifs, such as the Horsebit or ‘GG’ monograms. In its most luxurious expression, Gucci Jewelry is embellished with precious stones such as rubies, sapphires or diamonds, and the latter are always Kimberley certified.

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Mikimoto – Women’s Jewellery

Pearls are one of the only gems created by living things. For thousands of years divers have braved the dangers of the sea to acquire them. For the past hundred years Mikimoto has been known for exquisite pearls of the finest quality. Founder Kokichi Mikimoto once said that it was his dream to "adorn the necks of all women around the world with pearls." A supreme artist obsessed with quality, Mikimoto once burned thousands of inferior pearls in front of the Kobe Chamber of Commerce building. If you arein search of the perfect strand of pearls, or something with unprecedented creativity, Mikimoto is synonymous with best quality pearls.

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Scott Kay


Scott Kay - Women’s Jewellery and Men’s Jewellery

Scott Kay reaches deep into the past for inspiration, but never loses touch with modernity. His woven-platinum designs are delicate yet substantial, and would enhance the look of any outgoing personality with an uninhibited streak.

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Carlex - Men's & Ladies Luxury Bands

The Carlex collection is one of the most magnificent jewellery creations in the world. Carlex rings have been designed and crafted with the most innovative and cutting-edge techniques to construct perfect angles and a revolutionary comfort fit.Carlex creations range from the crafted beauty of a two-layered ring to the most intricate multi-component design, incorporating the finest diamonds set with the utmost precision to create a truly remarkable ring.Inspired by your love, crafted by ours

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Thomas Sabo

Montegrappa - Accessories

Purveyors Of Luxury Writing Instruments And Men's Accessories

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Thomas Sabo - Women’s Jewellery and Men's Jewellery

Thomas Sabo’s delightful sterling silver collections are made for those who have an eye for fashion, and want their jewellery to harmonize with current trends. There is also a great deal of variety to be found, as there is always more than one trend of the moment. There is jewellery for the rebel at heart to be found here, but also for those who are looking for a classic look.

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Swarovski  - Women’s Jewellery

Renowned for exquisite crystal, Swarovski creates beautiful miniatures and sculptures, as well as couture jewellery, and of course, chandeliers. Sparkling Swarovski crystals are often seen on couture gown and shoes – especially on the red carpet.

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Honora - Women's Jewellery

A Fresh New Look at Pearls HONORA offers exciting and affordable cultured pearls specializing in freshwater pearl jewelry in a wide array of shapes, colors and designs.

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Freida Rothman - Women’s Jewellery

Contemporary take on vintage jewelry with classic aesthetic & modernistic design.

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IPPOLITA – Women’s Jewellery

IPPOLITA is known for its fresh, fashion-forward and colorful aesthetic that incorporates a diverse group of materials

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Diamond Brands

Lazare Diamonds
Maple Leaf Diamonds

Lazare Diamonds

Lazare Diamonds is one of the most internationally renowned diamond-cutting houses, and is named for diamond cutting pioneer and founder Lazare Kaplan. All Lazare diamonds are Ideal cut to maximize brilliance, and stones of .18 carat weight and larger are laser inscribed to ensure authenticity.

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Maple Leaf Diamonds

The premiere Canadian diamond brand, Maple Leaf diamonds are all individually tracked from the moment they emerge from the earth through the cutting and polishing processes. The mines for these diamonds are governed by the some of the strictest environmental regulations in the world, ensuring that their production is as clean and pure as their sparkling appearance. While the Canadian diamond industry is only a few decades old, rigorous standards have ensured a reputation for stones of the highest quality.

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