About Us

Jubilee’s mission will always be to bring the romance of wearable art to everyone.

When you enter one of our Ottawa jewellery stores, you enter the world of Jubilee: a place where your style and your dreams are the most important things of all. You are unique, and we want you to match with that perfect piece of jewellery.

The first thing we do at Jubilee is learn about you. Our job is to be the matchmaker between you and the treasure of a lifetime, and we can only do that if we understand you. Our representatives don’t need to convince you to buy anything that doesn’t work, because they don’t work on commission. This is something very rare for a jewellery store in Ottawa.

Consumer Choice AwardOur next step is to teach you about the pieces we have available. Precious stones and metals all have their secrets, and we want to reveal them to you. Many of our sales representatives are Canadian Jewellery Association certified gemologists and appraisers, and are constantly working to deepen their understanding of the elements and crafting of jewellery. Our education process is an opportunity to share our passion, but more importantly, it allows us to find out what’s important to you. We do this because our satisfaction comes from knowing we have partnered you with something you will cherish.

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